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"PRIDE" is the only word to express how myself and Clayton feel about our event "Miss Caribbean UK". The 2015 finalists have grown in front of our eyes and have displayed so much confidence, talent and beauty outside and within.

These young ladies (pictured) from Birmingham are reaching for the stars. Well done and keep it up Amy Melissa Harris, Natina Mae and Cassandra Wiggan!!!!! Big things are coming. xxx

However, there's more news to come. Watch this space people as we slowly announce what our other 2015 finalists are or have been doing to make us and the Caribbean community feel proud. These young ladies are an inspiration and a reminder that the Miss Caribbean UK beauty pageant was created to inspire by example; those who feel disadvantaged and to empower them by showing them that, beauty is more than skin deep.

Miss Caribbean UK......."Positively Promoting the Caribbean"

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