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MISS CARIBBEAN UK 2019 Grand Final Results

Under the Patronage of the Barrister and TV Personality

Mr Shaun Wallace

Clayton and Jacqui Brown, the founders and organisers of Miss Caribbean UK, would like to thank our patron Mr Shaun Wallace (from the ITV programme THE CHASE), all of our supporters and sponsors for their contribution in making the Miss Caribbean UK 2019 pageant, the fabulous success that it proved to be. The words of congratulations from well-wishers have been overwhelming and we feel truly blessed.

Miss Caribbean UK 2019 was another resounding success! We thank everyone who came and supported this annual Caribbean event, which aims to highlight the ongoing positive impact that the Caribbean diaspora has made in the UK. The show was again held at the Greenwood theatre, London Bridge, a central location with greater accessibility from all locations.

And the winner of Miss Caribbean UK 2019 is.......

​Miss Sydonie Barrett  Representing The Cayman Islands

Sydonie is a 24 year old International Law student on a full scholarship and will commence her Legal Practice Course in September 2019. Her passions include fitness, community service and politics.

​She has developed immense self-confidence from exposure in leadership roles held within many organisations and possess the same confidence and pride in her culture and background.

​Sydonie has proven her integrity through positions such as Leader of the Opposition in the CPA Youth Parliament of the Cayman Islands and her involvement in community service and hopes to inspire the youth with these qualities

Congratulations also to:

• 1st Runner Up: - Deearnie Felix, representing Dominica

• 2nd Runner Up: Dale Joseph, representing St Lucia

We would like to thank all our Finalists for participating in the 6th Miss Caribbean UK.  They were all absolutely amazing and we hope that they enjoyed themselves and remember, whether they were placed or not, their experience with Miss Caribbean UK has not ended.

High Commissioners in attendance

Acting High Commissioner - Miss Janet Charles and Deputy High Commissioner/Minister Counsellor Mrs. Leonne Theodore John 

This year’s event, as with previous years, was very well attended, with a diverse audience from across the UK, who enjoyed a fantastic night of Caribbean culture and entertainment.  We were also blessed with speeches from several of our distinguished Caribbean High commissioners or their representatives and we would like to thank them for gracing us with their presence and also for their words of encouragement for MCUK and also the information they imparted to the community about their Caribbean Countries.

The next segment was the spectacular ‘Carnival Round’, which showcases the energy, vibrancy, music and colour, which is our homage to our Caribbean heritage. The contestants get to reveal one of their many talents with this fantastic opening dance section.

2019 Carnival Costume Designer

Yoshi Flower MAS is a contemporary brand that delivers bespoke costume pieces and jewellery to our growing clientele. Inclusivity is central to our values here at Y.F MAS, we cater to all shapes, sizes and ages; what makes you special as an individual is what makes us stand out as a collective. Y.F Mas was developed by West London artist & designer Meoshi Alleyne (nicknamed Yoshi Flower), inspired by her upbringing in Barbados and passion for traditional Caribbean masquerade and arts. Specialising in elaborate, hand-crafted headwear, Meoshi began cultivating her own layered tiaras, crowns and individual pieces for carnival goers in the UK & West Indies. What started off as small and exclusive pieces has now blossomed into two full collections. 2019 we featured as a highly anticipated private section of one of the most electrifying Mas Bands in the UK - D-Riddim Tribe; We have since networked and hope to collaborate with some of the illustrious names throughout the UK in the years to come. We envision being a brand that maintains the relationship between traditional masquerade and futuristic designs, with aspirations to expand and collaborate with prominent bands across the world. We aim to avert from one-dimensional looks and provide tasteful, detailed and flattering designs that promote body positivity, confidence and pride. Our consumers share our love and passion for the culture and remain central focus. Y.F Mas is an experience and a true representation of unity - where together, we will keep the culture alive. We aim to flourish into a community and we invite you to be a part of it.

Mas For All & All For Mas”.

Email: Instagram: y_f. mas



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