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This procedure encompasses matters related to the conduct of individuals carrying out duties and responsibilities in any Miss Caribbean UK event and the application of Miss Caribbean UK’s policies, impacting delegates, volunteers, staff, and sponsors. It excludes matters subject to separate procedures addressing complainants' concerns.

Our Commitment:

We are dedicated to delivering high-quality services to everyone associated with Miss Caribbean UK Limited. If issues arise, we encourage you to inform us, enabling continuous improvement. Complaints will be considered within eight weeks of receipt, with an initial focus on informal resolution.


General Principles:

  • Anonymous complaints may not be investigated unless under exceptional circumstances.

  • Complaints that become vexatious or abusive may be terminated with no further recourse.

  • Complaints should be raised with the Director of the specific event promptly. Matters raised over three months after the event are unlikely to be considered.

  • Investigation of any complaint typically begins within a week of receipt.

  • The complexity and volume of some complaints may affect processing times.


Procedure Steps:

  1. Acknowledgment:

    • Within seven days of receiving your complaint, we will acknowledge it via letter or email, enclosing this procedure.

  2. Investigation:

    • Your complaint will be reviewed and investigated by an appointed individual within 21 days of acknowledgment.

    • The Appointed Investigator may invite you to discuss the complaint within 21 days.

  3. Resolution:

    • The Appointed Investigator will confirm the meeting's outcome and any agreed solutions within seven days.

    • If no meeting is possible, a detailed written reply will be provided within 21 days.

  4. Review Panel:

    • If dissatisfied, within 14 days of the Appointed Investigator's decision, you may request a Review Panel by writing to Miss Caribbean UK Limited.

    • The Review Panel comprises at least one person not directly involved in the complaint's details.

  5. Review Hearing:

    • Within a week of receiving materials, the Review Panel will review submissions from the complainant.

    • The complainant may be accompanied by a suitable person.

    • Persons complained about may attend with suitable representation.

  6. Decision:

    • The Review Panel will make findings and recommendations by a majority decision.

    • The decision will be communicated in writing within three days of the hearing.

    • The complainant, the Governing Body of Miss Caribbean UK Limited, and relevant persons will receive a copy of the decision without indicating unanimity.

  7. Finality:

    • The complainant will not be informed of any disciplinary/capability actions against individuals.

    • This concludes the complaints procedure.


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