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Rules & Regulations for Delegates, Finalists and Title Winners


  • Must be between 18 – 30 years old, with the age limit capped at 30 on the date of the finale.

  • Must have Caribbean Parentage or one parent or grandparent of Caribbean descent.

  • Must be a resident of the UK or eligible to hold a valid UK passport.

  • Shall not be married at the time of applying.

  • Should not be pregnant throughout her tenure as MCUK; any change in circumstances must be promptly communicated to the Directors.



  • Must be of good moral character, and sound mind throughout the Pageant process.

  • Must be naturally born females.

  • Must voluntarily disclose any prior criminal records.

  • Must not have anything in their background that could bring the contest or its sponsors into disrepute.

  • Must not have posed or been photographed or video nude or semi-nude for publication, film, or internet.


  • Should display good sportsmanship at all times; any conduct contrary to this may results in disqualification.

  • Must not falsify information on the Registration Form; deliberate falsification leads to disqualification and loss of the registration fee.

  • Must behave in a fit and proper manner at all times; unacceptable behavior by delegates, family members, or their guests may lead to disqualification with no refund.

  • Permits the use of name, video recordings and photographs for publicity related to Miss Caribbean UK competitions and sponsor benefits without seeking further consent.


Attendance and Commitment:

  • Must arrive on time for scheduled appointments/rehearsals/training sessions; continual absenteeism incurs a £30.00 fine or forfeiture of participation.

  • Finalists must give 6 weeks' written notice if unable to attend the final; returning all monies and awards received from sponsors.

  • Understand that Miss Caribbean UK reserves the right to change dates, times, and the location of the finals.


Judging and Decision-Making:

  • Acknowledges that the decisions of the judges are final.


Code of Conduct:

  • Will not slander or libel other contestants, judges, staff, or anyone else associated with Miss Caribbean UK; defamatory remarks result in immediate disqualification and forfeiture of prizes, with potential legal charges.


Director's Discretion:

  • Understands and agrees that if selected as the winner, all decisions regarding productions, promotion, photographs, programs, appearances, and other aspects of the Miss Caribbean UK Beauty Pageant, throughout their reign, are solely at the discretion of the PAGEANT DIRECTORS


Title Winners

Exclusive Management:

The crowned Miss Caribbean UK titleholder agrees that all professional engagements related to Miss Caribbean UK affairs will be exclusively managed by Miss Caribbean UK for one year from the final event date.

Endorsement Restrictions:

Without explicit permission, the titleholder is prohibited from providing any written or verbal endorsements for commercial purposes.

Exclusive Rights:

The titleholder acknowledges that all rights related to appearances, endorsements, modeling, promotions, speaking engagements, acting roles, etc., are the exclusive property of Miss Caribbean UK when conducted under the name of Miss Caribbean UK.

Passing on the Crown:

The titleholder is required to attend the final event to pass on her crown to the newly elected successor.


Participation Limitation:

During her reign, the titleholder is not permitted to participate in any other competitions until the conclusion of her tenure.

Vacation of Title:

In case of inability to fulfill obligations or rule violations, the titleholder must promptly relinquish her title, crown, and awards. The first runner-up will assume the role of Miss Caribbean UK titleholder automatically.


Crown and Sash Responsibility:

The titleholder is entitled to retain her crown and sash but is responsible for their maintenance and safekeeping. Loss, theft, or damage requires replacement at her own expense.



The awarded prizes are non-exchangeable, and the competition organizers reserve the right to modify and substitute prizes without prior notification.

Grounds for Disqualification or Dethronement:

  • Failure to adhere to outlined terms and conditions.

  • Providing false information in the Official Entry Form.

  • Unauthorized absence from official functions.

  • Relocation from the UK before the titleholder's reign completion.

  • Misconduct or behavior not aligning with queenly standards.

  • Immediate transfer of the title if the winner marries or becomes pregnant during her reign.


Personal Appearances:

The titleholder is required to be accessible for all personal appearances and commitments, redirecting media inquiries to



In case of disputes, an arbitrator will be mutually agreed upon, with costs shared equally. The arbitrator's decision will be considered final and binding on all parties involved.


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