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Welcome to the Miss Caribbean UK 2023 pageant.  

We are delighted that you wish to compete and believe that you will find your experience to be worthwhile, enlightening, inspirational and most importantly, fun!  

We are looking forward to meeting and working with you as you embark on the journey of a lifetime. We have a dedicated and experienced team who are committed to making this a positive and meaningful experience for you.  

The MCUK pageant was created to inspire by example; those who feel disadvantaged and to empower them by showing them that, beauty is more than the outward appearance. MCUK are creating shows that are dynamic, informative, inclusive, and unique and which leave a legacy of awareness of the positive contributions that the Afro Caribbean community has made to UK culture.

We are not just looking for a pretty face, it’s just as much about your personality as it is about your appearance.  Unlike many pageants, we have no swimwear round! Instead, we have a carnival costume round which we feel is more in keeping with the MCUK ethos.  

Our aim is to celebrate the cultural vitality of the Caribbean community within the UK.

Miss Caribbean UK is an event that is positively promoting the Caribbean.

Please click on the following link to ensure that you have read and fully understand our rules and regulations on entering this competition:

Because of the restrictions of living in a Covid World and to limit unnecessary contact, we have decided to conduct zoom interviews with all applicants instead of heats.  These will be held every Sunday. At the interview, you will be judged on your walk, attitude, poise, eye contact, how confident you are when interviewed and finally your overall presentation.  Please call us or reply to this email to arrange a suitable interview date.

After the interview, you will be advised of the result.

If you are successful at the interview you must pay a non-refundable registration fee of £250.00 no later than two weeks after confirmation of your acceptance. Failure to do so will mean your application will be declined.  

If you are successful you will then be issued with our “Finalists Registration Pack” which is fairly straight forward and it will answer many questions you may have as a FINALIST of Miss Caribbean UK 2023.  



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