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About Miss Caribbean UK



Since its inception in 2014, and under the patronage of Barrister, Author, and TV personality Dr Shaun Wallace, the founding Director’s; Clayton & Jacqui Brown have expressed that Miss Caribbean UK should be The Ultimate Crown for Caribbean Pageants in the UK by promoting all the different Caribbean countries under one umbrella.

Miss Caribbean UK, an Annual event now in its 9th year, has been structured to promote, educate, inspire and celebrate the historical and cultural impact of the Caribbean within the United Kingdom by creating a vehicle to assist in bringing the Caribbean and its diaspora within the UK, closer.


We want the old and younger generation Caribbean descendants to recognize the influence and impact that the Caribbean Diaspora has had on UK culture and thus, appreciate the importance of retaining the link with their Caribbean heritage.  The event has made history by being the first UK Afro-Caribbean pageant to go National by creating:

  • contestant auditions across the UK that were dynamic, informative, inclusive, and unique.

  • a legacy of awareness of the positive contributions that the Caribbean Community has made, and is still making to UK culture.

  • a focus on The Windrush as well as highlighting the serious mental health issues that impact heavily on our community.



MCUK’s vision is, that at all times, we are committed to;

“Positively Promoting the Caribbean”

by encouraging our Caribbean communities to become stronger, unite and create closer ties between each other.

Miss Caribbean UK strives to be recognised across the UK and Internationally, as a premier beauty pageant that empowers, inspires and motivates growth within the Caribbean Diaspora.

MCUK is more than just a pageant; it is a means to unite around a common cause.


Essentially, MCUK are not looking for just a pretty face.  The purpose of the Miss Caribbean UK is: 

  • designed to build relationships with women who are working diligently to leave a positive impact in their communities;

  • bridge the gap between the Caribbean diaspora,

  • advocate for humanitarian issues in the UK and the Caribbean,

  • raise awareness and much needed funds for philanthropic endeavours,

  • project a positive and holistic image of beauty, poise, personality, confidence, grace, knowledge and a personal vision as well as a sense of self-worth.

  • Our candidates are forward-thinking and motivated to not just talk about change, but to conceptualize and execute a plan of action.

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