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Keeleigh Griffith is on the front cover of February's issue of Panache E-Magazine

ISSUE 36.jpg

Dear Readers,

Let me take this opportunity on behalf of all at Panache Occasions Ltd, publishers of Panache-E-Magazine to wish everyone who needs one, their own special Valentine.

This month’s edition, as always, is focused on positivity within the BME community.

Read the Achiever’s section on page 38 and see some of the people within our community who are making positive movements.

Miss Caribbean UK photo shoot on Page 10-17. Remember ladies, applications are now open for you to enter Miss Caribbean UK 2015. Please visit to enter.

Please read and enjoy and remember this African saying:

“Lions that do not work together can be defeated by a limping buffalo.”

Click on the following link to view the magazine online!

Clayton Brown


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