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MCUK enjoys the 2016 Nottinghill Carnival with Lagniappe Mas Band


Miss Caribbean UK were honoured to collaborate and take part at the 50th Anniversary of the Nottinghill Carnival curtsey of the mas band “Lagniappe Mas”.

Lagniappe Mas

Lagniappe Mas is a UK based masquerade band that embodies its love for carnival through its attention to detail and quality delivery. From their Premium Costumes, and Award Winning Sound System to their Professional Team, they give their masquerader’s the ULTIMATE CARNIVAL EXPERIENCE.

Band leader Roddy Maharaj and his lovely band assistant Shermain arranged that our reigning Queen; Amy Harris-Willock wore their Mythical LEGENDS costume “Aphrodite” and the 2016 MCUK Finalists wore their T-shirts which allowed them to blend in with the rest of the revellers.

Miss Caribbean UK @ 2016 Notting Hill Carnival

The day started with a hearty breakfast served by our super hosts; Bernie Rocque who was assisted by her husband Tony, and cousins Athinia, Deborah & close friend Marylin.

After breakfast, make-up was applied by Soni Makeovers whilst photographer Dinesh captured the moment perfectly.

By 11am, we were all ready and made our way to meet the truck on Latimer Road. Team members: Deborah Herbert, Marilyn, Bernie Rocque, Lorraine McKie, Sherika McKie, Natina Mae-Whitter and Raymond Lewis acted as chaperones for our reigning queen and our 2016 finalists; Atlanta Cousins-Robinson, Charlotte Brailsford, Cheniel Henderson; Georgette Pratt; Jodie Hodgson; Kamala Thompson; Lorell Boyce; Maria Peters; Natasha Love; Tahirah Clarke; Tahmar Arayomi and Tanya Rose Brown and all concerned thoroughly enjoyed the vibrant carnival vibes.

Tickets for the Grand Final of Miss Caribbean UK are available to purchase NOW. Click on the following link to reserve your seats:

Dinesh’s photography style is unmistakable. His talent for rare captures of amazing moment with calmness and patience is epic and majestic. His success derives from patient single-minded focused work. Having worked with some big banners and prestigious events, Dinesh also supports various well known charity organisations for social causes. Dinesh is also an MBA and Engineering graduate and in full time IT profession.

Soni Makeover has not only worked for all the main UK pageants: “Miss Universe Great Britain 2016”; “Miss Caribbean UK”; “Official Miss London”; “Miss Asia”; “London Catwalk Society”; “Nottinghill Carnival” and “Pakistan Fashion Extravaganza, She has also used her skills to support charities like: “Cancel Cancer Africa” with her team to help raise funds for noble causes.

In her spare time she has helped people who have lost confidence in life due to domestic violence or illness etc. to look good and feel good with her makeup transformation. She had her work published in: “Ebuzztoday”; “Asian Leader”; “Panache E-Magazine” and “Sa Re Ga Ma Magazine”.

Soni has already won two awards: “Asian Business Awards” and “Star Award by Lift effects” and is currently nominated for the best Makeup artist of 2016 with the “International Achievers Award” and “Beffta Award”.

Contact details FB page .. Instagram sonimakeovers

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