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MCUK - London Heat

The fourth National heat of Miss Caribbean UK 2015 took place in London on the 23rd August 2015, at the magnificent Shaka Zulu restaurant, Stables Market, Chalk Farm Rd, London NW1 8AB

We expected our home town to be well represented and we were not disappointed. Fourteen ladies took their chance to be crowned the Queen and represent the Caribbean in the United Kingdom. They represented many Caribbean countries, however, their aim was the same; to be ambassador’s for the CARIBBEAN! To highlight and raise awareness of the positive contributions we have made UK culture and society.

The show was equal to the stunning vibrancy of the venue. I was told by the manager that the entire interior of the venue had been made Africa. The place is amazing to see! Superb statues and images of African characters were everywhere, with dimmed lighting, it was easy to imagine that you were in fact back in the “Mother land”. The girls had learnt their choreographed walks by Reuben P Joseph, Haylee Venus, Kane Jones and his protégés Lana and it showed in the poise and grace with which they portrayed themselves.

The audience were clapping all night, encouraged by our host on the night, the ever suave Mr Livingston Gilchrist to raise it UP, UP! Indeed the energy went up and continued on its upward trajectory through the night. Our entertainers brought the roof down, so to speak. Ayesha, Deborah and Record Heads, had Shaka Zulu rocking. So much so, that the manager Mr Manny Shoria came and asked who the singers were and where we had found them as they were so good. I told him we were very fortunate, as it was they who had found us.

Suffice it to say, the night was a fabulous success, worth of a final. An event filled with style and Panache. (Have a look at the pictures, you will wish you had been there.)

Our fabulous judges on the night have experience of a wide gamut of skills in the community and entertainment sectors: -Rodney Hinds (Sports& Features Editor of the Voice Newspaper); Miss Keeleigh Griffith (Current Miss Caribbean UK queen); Deborah Herbert (one of MCUK Primary sponsor) and Donna Joseph (Sales Manager at Stoke Newington Travel sponsoring the flights)

The audience was entertained by: - RECORD HEADS (Boy Band); Deborah Herbert (Solo Artists) and Ayesha (Solo Artists).

London ladies represented! Candidates performed exceptionally well on the night. Eight contestants were chosen; and will be in the final, with a chance to be crowned Miss Caribbean UK 2015.

Tehia Rae McDermott; Neesha Robinson; Alisha Pomells; Nicole Renwick; Shiquerra Mckie; Yinka Williams; Alisha Eversley – John and Venisha Hamilton.

Our last heat this year will be in Bristol on the 19th September 2015, so BRISTOL LADIES, for your chance to be crowned Miss Caribbean UK and win £1500 and much more….

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