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Images of MCUK's Keeleigh Griffith at the "MaKING Carnival" Band Launch on Friday 10th

MCUK's Keeleigh Griffith (Photography by TrinisLondon)

Miss T&T Queen -Miss Sophia Joseph; MaKing organiser- Roy McEwan; MCUK queen - Keeleigh Griffith (Photography by TrinisLondon)

MCUK's Keeleigh Griffith with Kat Boyce, Reuben P Joseph, Tony Urbansmash, Denise Griffith and Jacqui Brown with Tony Urbansmash.

MaKING Carnival® presented their live FINALS of the CARNIVAL COSTUME DESIGN Contest & Band Launch for Notting Hill Carnival 2015 which was held at the VUK Club in Chiswick. The event was hosted by former Choice FM DJ, MTV’s presenter and all-round entertainer - Kat BOYCE and the audience were entertained by the UK’s comedian of the year; SLIM GRAY.

A flamboyant display of costumes were presented by 5 designers: - Lisa George | Nikie James | Cree Clarke & Gen Moses | Kezra Hunt | Jodie Rowland. There could only be one winner.

And the winner was: LISA GEORGE'S "OPULENCE"


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