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Nottingham heat

The third National heat of Miss Caribbean UK 2015 took place on the 15th August 2015, at the ACNA Community Centre, 31 Hingerhill Road, St Ann’s, Nottingham NG3 4NB.

Wow! Big up Nottingham!

We at Miss Caribbean UK are really enjoying visiting different parts of the UK and interacting with the communities therein. We have found that although the accents may be different the peoples’ aspirations are essentially the same. Living a happy harmonious, productive and peaceful life.

In all the cities we have held heats of Miss Caribbean UK, we have found the individuals we have worked with, to be extremely supportive of our aim and objective to bring Miss Caribbean UK to the UK. For instance, Leroy Gray who helped us with the organizing and promotion of the Nottingham heat is constantly encouraging us to continue with our work as he can see the potential that the event has as a vehicle to get the disparate communities in the UK to interact together around a common goal. We would, therefore, like to thank Leroy Gray, Dione Rose and Yvonne White (Nottingham), Eddie Odudu (Manchester) and Mr Chin, Hyper Hype & Ras King BoBo (Birmingham) for all the help and encouragement and we promise to continue doing what we doing.

Our fabulous judges on the night have experience of a wide gamut of skills in the community and entertainment sectors:

Trevor Taylor – Licensed

Owen Brown – Barber and active local community leader

Elaine Small – Owner of Hi-Tec International Hair salon

Melita Bryan - former mayor of Nottingham and local councilor

Dionne Rose – Event organiser, entertainer, actor and presenter

Yvonne White – Officer at the ACNA Centre


Victor Richards – singer, poet.

Elmz - Rapper

Nottingham ladies represented! Candidates performed exceptionally well on the night. Four contestants were chosen; and will be in the final, with a chance to be crowned Miss Caribbean UK 2015.

Tammy Jeffers-Wells 28 Antiguan

Luanda Holness 18 Jamaican

Louisa Gordon 19 Jamaican

Lateeshia Anderson 24 Jamaican

LADIES, for your chance to be crowned Miss Caribbean UK, win £1500 and much more,


The London heat of Miss Caribbean UK will be held at the Shaka Zulu restaurant, Stables Market, Chalk Farm Rd, London NW1 8AB @ 7pm, It’s free to enter but seating is limited to 130, so come early to secure your seat. London Live TV SKY 117 will be conducting interviews on the night. Come and see a great show. Did I mention FREE entry!

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