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MCUK creates a photoshoot fit for Queens

Sponsored by; Hannah Kingaby of Studio 101 & Dinesh Joshi of Josh Photography, MCUK organised a photoshoot fit for Queens.

Attended by our patron Mr Shaun Wallace, the day was filled with creativity and style as the past and present queens strutted their stuff in the studio.

Also in attendance were the following people:

  • Keeleigh Griffith, 2014 Queen

  • Amy Harris-Willock, 2015 Queen

  • Elizabeth Williams, 2017 Queen

  • Santrece Stewart, 2017 1st Runner-Up

  • Carissma Griffith, 2017 2nd Runner-Up

  • Mr Francis & Angela, AgyeFrance

  • Devon Johnson, Devon Inspirations

  • Carol Rose & Anastasia Chikezie, Chikezie rose

  • Maria Joseph, Mardi Gras Costumes

  • Eleanor Small, Tiara Sponsor

  • Soni Makeovers, MUA

  • Aina M, MUA Assistant

  • Jasmyne, Hair Stylists

  • Denise Griffith

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