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Welcome to The Miss Caribbean UK Beauty Pageant 2014

The very first Caribbean beauty contest of its kind in the UK. Providing a platform for the UK’s Caribbean ladies to demonstrate and display their beauty and intellect.

Miss Caribbean UK is set to be the very first Caribbean beauty contest of its kind in the UK by providing a platform for the UK’s Caribbean ladies to demonstrate and display their beauty and intellect to the Caribbean community and the World.

The pageant was created to inspire and empower women by highlighting the principle that beauty is more than skin deep.

The nature of Miss Caribbean UK is ‘all-inclusive’ and it is the organiser’s intention to include all Caribbean countries if possible. Although some of the Caribbean countries currently organise their own individual pageant’s, e.g. Miss Jamaica UK; Miss Trinidad and Tobago UK; Miss St Lucia and Miss Guyana UK, there is no ultimate crown to showcase the Queen of the Caribbean in the UK.

The organisers have expressed that this is set to be The Ultimate Crown for Caribbean Pageants in the UK, so getting it right is paramount! We want to ensure that this event is put “on the map” correctly and includes the whole Caribbean community, both here in the UK and Internationally.

Beauty contests are a World-wide phenomenon, however, women’s beauty contests are overwhelmingly the most popular and high-profile version and today still hold a very poignant position in the market place. The biggest, is The Miss World competition which has been running annually since 1951, and although it is less popular in the UK now than it was in 1968 when it attracted 27.5 million TV viewers, it still attracts an enormous worldwide audience – up to 3 billion viewers in 120 countries. (ref. Data source: Google ad planner 2012)

The organisers are trying to showcase something that is more than just a beauty contest, by further attracting a peripheral of fashion designers allowing them to dress our contestants and showcase the latest pieces from their collections. Miss Caribbean UK is creating opportunities!

Miss Caribbean UK Pageant 2014 is poised to act as a vehicle for the people of Caribbean and the Diaspora to unite around a common purpose; which will be to choose their Queen to represent them to the World. Through the clever use of various arts such as dance, costume, music and individual personal accounts of each contestant, beauty in all of its layers, will be gradually revealed to both judges and the audiences alike.

Additionally, through this unity, a message will be enveloped which will help to raise awareness of issues that are affecting the aforementioned community and try to affect positive change. The Miss Caribbean UK ~Beauty pageant is not designed as a one-off event. The intention is to create an annual event which in its own right creates opportunity and a legacy that has a lasting effect throughout the Year.

This will be achieved through varied public relation activities undertaken by the contestants and their associated sponsors. We have already selected a few charities that the organisers believe are making a positive difference and each year, 5% of the net profits from the show will be awarded to the respective charities.

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