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Miss Caribbean UK has great pleasure in introducing to you our seriously talented and creative artists who have joined us to create an unforgettable night of entertainment and sophistication.

Reuben P. Joseph

Artistic Director


Reuben P. Joseph, whose high profiled wealth of talents and experience is reputable within the UK, Asian, Afro Caribbean and mainstream fashion industries. Reuben has been in the fashion and entertainment industry for over twenty years and has acquired excellent skills and experiences in event management, production, presenting, stage and set design and management. He also specializes in organizing and choreographing fashion shows, themed parties, beauty pageants and music videos.  


He is interminably reliable, enthusiastic and works amazingly with diversified teams of professionals (choreographers, photographers, videographers, models, stage managers, set designers, make-up artists and hairstylists) who work passionately to enhance performance to its fullest potential - emitting the R.P.J. trademark insignia.

Reuben won Best Art Director 2013, 2014 and 2015 at the UK’s BEFFTA (Black Entertainment Film Fashion Television Award) and Best Fashion Choreographer 2014. Also, the IAA (International Achievers Awards) for Best International Fashion Choreographer 2014.


Alongside all these ever growing attributes and outstanding achievements, Reuben's core and foundation reside in his spirituality, faith, community and love.


He is also currently studying the art and technology of lighting, sounds and special effects.

This will enable him to take his artistic creative talents, in all aspect of choreography to both national and international audience with the fusion of art, music, film, culture, dance and fashion.






Mobile: +447946290222


W Livingston Gilchrist (LG)


Livingston Gilchrist (LG) began his career in the arts and media through an introduction to fashion modelling.  One job led to another and within a short space of time LG had moved from taking part in ‘peripheral shows’ to mainstream events in Central London venues. This led to being booked for even bigger events at London’s Royal Albert Hall and Fashion shows in Cologne/ Germany & Paris/ France.


Quickly realising there was more to the industry than just being adorned in designer clothes, LG moved swiftly to choreographing fashion shows and training models for runway collections and fashion shoots.


LG’s first business venture was established in the 80’s when he opened ‘Cosmopolitan Academy of Modelling’ – based in North London. This venture provided countless young hopefuls with the structure and guidance required to enter the modelling profession (I guess you could say it was the fore-runner of Britain’s Next Top Model and other such ‘modern’ ventures). Cosmopolitan Academy was featured in a BBC documentary on the Fashion-industry.

In recognition of his ability to ‘perform’ in front of the cameras, LG was asked to represent AFRO HAIR & BEAUTY SHOW live on Channel 5. This wasn’t LG’s first ‘stint’ on TV but it rekindled his interest. He has ‘guested’ on various TV programmes over recent years and actively seeks opportunities where he can develop more projects on the ‘small screen’.


Also, recognising the need for ‘well spoken’ and confident hosts, LG developed the knack for engaging an audience and has built a reputation that has numerous event coordinators requesting his services to front their shows.


Hosting ‘live’ shows provided a mainstay for LG as he worked on events throughout the UK. Fashion, Hair, Beauty and Entertainment provided LG with a broad range of experiences which eventually led to him being asked to host a radio talk show in 2006.


For seven years, Livingston fronted the popular SPEAKEASY & Connekt2 Talk Shows on Playvybz Radio | Providing a mix of topical debate, inspirational quotes and discussions, personal and business advice, plus giving listeners the opportunity to share their own stories, the SPEAKEASY & Connekt2 Shows garnered the loyal support of discerning, positive, aspirational and progressive listeners across the globe.


Hosting radio shows, facilitating discussion groups and anchoring live events keeps LG quite active and ‘fresh’ when knowing how to put guests and audiences at ease. LG continues with his many engagements in the Media, Entertainment, Hair, Fashion & Beauty industries, choosing to ‘connect’ with the audience in his own inimitable style.


For further information, please contact:


Tel: 020 8801 8691

Mob: 079 7038 9854




Tel: 020 3691 8488

Mob: 075 3834 9650



Karlton Chambers

Official Photographer

Hotshots Multimedia Is an East London based Photography and Multimedia Company run by Karlton Chambers.


Long established as a freelance photographer, Karlton set up Hotshots Multimedia after working as an ICT and Media Studies teacher for over 10 years. “Photography has always been my passion and I believe that there is nothing better than to work at something you love doing”.


“I have always been interested in photography ever since my mother bought me a Kodak camera for my 12th birthday and I have been passionately taking photographs ever since”.


After a spell as photographer for the Voice Newspaper Karlton started to concentrate on music photography and has covered many concerts and photographed many famous Reggae artists all over the country.  “I have always been a keen “People” photographer and my focus shifted to social photography (weddings, Birthdays, community events etc.) and my scope of photography widened to cover Travel, Landscape, Product and Business photography”.


“My focus is now firmly established in Fashion and Beauty photography where I have covered many beauty pageants, fashion shoots with leading designers, Models and beauticians as well as top fashion shows including London Fashion Week, Africa Fashion Week and Pakistan Fashion Week and many, many more in between. My photographs have been widely published in magazines, websites and social media”.


Karlton graduated from the University of East London in 1997 with a Bsc. Honours degree in New Technology Media and Communications. “After a long career as a freelance photographer I had an accident after which I decided to study and later completed a PGCE in ICT at Middlesex University in 2001 to become a teacher of ICT and Media Studies”.

Karlton enjoys applying his specialist knowledge to his work; he particularly enjoys photographing and videoing people, fashion and music.  He also likes to apply the wealth of knowledge and skills he has in photography to the subjects in his photographs. To this end Karlton plans to extend his skills and knowledge by providing a service to:


(1) Individuals and groups who need a photographer or videographer to record the important events in their lives.


(2) To local and new start-up businesses providing photographic and video services, web design and promotional products.


“Whilst setting up my own enterprise I realised how difficult it is to for an entrepreneur to get started and so my mission is to help new businesses to get their products, brand and services recognised and promoted”. I became aware that there are entrepreneurs  out there with marketable skills and talents who were in a similar position to myself who needed to showcase their products and services to a wider audience but may not have the IT or photography skills to get started properly.


Since setting up Hotshots Multimedia Karlton has gone from strength to strength focusing and fine tuning his art in the field of fashion and beauty.  Karlton has recently won “Best Photographer” Award in the International Achievers Awards 2014 and also “Best Fashion Photographer” in the BEFFTA Awards 2014.


Contact Karlton: 

Telephone 07908537250




Michael Jackson Impersonator


Is a recreation of the artist David Jordan.


Being a singer naturally, and making a successful career of this has enabled Dajiow to mirror and dissect Michael Jackson’s boundless modulated and sonic vibrations through his voice and ‘Mirrored’ it indubitably.


For more information or to make a booking:

Contact Dajiow's Manager

Tel: 07584 964 144






All Female Dance Group

An all-female collective of strong Hip-Hop dancers, formed to not only inspire females but also the wider society. 

They promote empowerment, ambition, individuality and self-worth through the medium of Hip-Hop dance and the slogan’ I Love Myself ‘.


For more information or to make a booking:

Contact Kloe Dean

Tel: 07863 868 925





R&B, Reggae Gospel Artist

An R&B, Reggae Gospel Artist who has been inspired to write and perform by many of her life's events. Her aim is to encourage and inspire others through her music, she has a passion for what she does and has performed at numerous events including Manchester’s Heroes and Sheroes Awards and has supported artist such as Frankie Paul, Peter Spence and Don Campbell. Her ambition is to become an international artist who leaves and impact on her audience and change the life of others through her music.


For more information or to make a booking:

Contact Keneva

Tel: 07787 403 612




Boy Band

Joshua, Eliud and Timothy make up the vocal group RECORD HEADS
Signed to BLaO Music
The Music: Motown flavoured Soulful Pop. 
They have extraordinary vocals and great live performances.


For more information or to make a booking:

Contact Eliud Amos

Tel: 07494 553 181




Steel Band

We provide entertainment for Weddings, Bar-B-Q's, Christenings, Birthday Parties, Corporate Events consisting of Family Fun Days and background music for Conferences, Funerals, Carnivals, Senior Homes etc.


For more information or to make a booking:

Contact Wilf Kirk

Tel: 07958212933



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