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Nevada-Aaliyah Claxton

20 Years 



Trinidad & Tobago



Gap Year - Radio & Podcast Host



Sickle Cell Anaemia


IG: @nevclaxton

Nevada-Aaliyah Claxton.png

Nevada-Aaliyah Claxton is a multi-media host and youth volunteer with career aspirations to become an actress, songwriter, and presenter. Currently, she is a theatre student in the final months of her gap year, hoping to pursue an industry career in the arts at University in 2022. Singing since she was 5, Nevada took up acting based on a recommendation from her high school science teacher. She has since attended Emil Dale Academy part-time school, training for both stage & screen, and as of February 2020, has performed in their annual showcase at the Gordon Craig Theatre. A hardworking and warm individual, she seeks authenticity and bold expression in her art and everyday life. Her motto is; One percent of a chance is everything you thought you would never have. A third culture kid, she is proud of her multi-ethnic heritage and heavily appreciates all the people and places that raised her. She adores introducing her friends to her favorite parts of Latin, West Indian & American culture through trips, film, and cuisine. A staunch believer in the power of mentorship and education, she is constantly searching for ways to learn and inspire others. Nevada is a member of The Sapphire Miriam Foundation, a community-orientated organization focused on inspiring, nurturing, and empowering young women across the diaspora. She is also an avid volunteer, having done so within her town at local churches and The UK Centre of Carnival Arts. Most recently, she has taken on being an NCS Assistant Team Leader, a far cry from her usual form of media-related work as the host of Unboxing on AUKRadio. Nevada's chosen charities reflect her own everyday. Having grown up watching her mother and other loved ones push through health systems without proper checks and balances for those with Sickle Cell Disease, she understands the importance of advocating for reform in the face of medical inequality. Breaking the social stigma and taboo surrounding mental health, especially within the Caribbean, is also an issue close to her heart. She plans to engage with those on the Twin Isles to push for legislation and reform to their policies, practices, support, treatment, and intervention, especially regarding young adults and children. She hopes her journey; is a reminder to all young women, her younger sisters, and every kid she met through camp this summer, including her Teams' WildAnts & Muad Ting, that all is possible as long as you believe in one more tomorrow. As those she loves are the backbone of all she does, Nevada would like to thank everyone who encouraged her to enter this year's pageant, especially those who moved mountains to ensure she could participate when the going got tough. She asks for continued kind support through her journey as a Miss Caribbean UK finalist, with hopes to see everyone in the crowd on October 29th!


MCUK 2022 Photoshoot

Sunday 10th July 2022


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