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Miss Caribbean UK Beauty Pageant is “Positively Promoting the Caribbean”

Miss Caribbean United Kingdom was set up as an event to promote all the different Caribbean countries under one umbrella. The event uses a pageant to promote, educate, inspire and celebrate the historical and cultural impact of the Caribbean within the United Kingdom.


We want to be a vehicle, to assist in bringing the Caribbean and its diaspora within the UK, closer. We want the old and younger generation Caribbean descendants to recognise the influence and impact that the Caribbean Diaspora has had on UK culture and thus, appreciate the importance of retaining the link with their Caribbean heritage.

Clayton and Jacqui Brown, the founders and organisers of Miss Caribbean UK, would like to thank our patron Mr Shaun Wallace (from the ITV programme THE CHASE), all our supporters and sponsors for their contribution in making The Miss Caribbean UK 2018 pageant, the fabulous success that it proved to be.


The words of congratulations from well-wishers have been overwhelming and we feel truly blessed

We would also like to give special thanks to:

  • Kloe Dean 

  • Jazmyn Raikes,

  • Amy Harris-Willock,

  • Santrece Stewart and

  • Carol Hay


for sharing your resourceful, creative, inspirational and awesome skills to the 2018 finalists during training.  We eagerly look forward to seeing what’s in stall for MCUK 2019.

Miss Caribbean UK

Positively Promoting the Caribbean

Miss Caribbean UK 2018, according to all who attended, was absolutely fabulous!  A quote from an audience member at this year’s show, “A wonderful evening spent with some beautiful faces at the Miss Caribbean UK show”.  This year the show was held at the Greenwood theatre, London Bridge, a much more central location with greater accessibility from all locations.


This year’s event, as with previous years, was very well attended, with a diverse audience from across the UK, who enjoyed a fantastic night of Caribbean culture and entertainment.  The show was opened with short speeches from several of our distinguished Caribbean High commissioners or their representatives and we would like to thank them for gracing us with their presence and also for their words of encouragement for MCUK and also the information they imparted to the community about their Caribbean Countries..

Miss Caribbean UK


We would like to thank all our Finalists for participating in the 5th Miss Caribbean UK.  They were all absolutely amazing and we hope that they enjoyed themselves and remember, whether they were placed or not, their experience with Miss Caribbean UK has not ended.


1.    Caroline Allen

2.    Dhanitra Henry-Nangle

3.    Leahchyiane Bartley

4.    Mosique Daly-Vidal

5.    Shakira Richards

6.    Tabitha Barnett

7.    Tamera Farquharson-Ellis

8.    Tasha Lawson






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The Greenwood Theatre

55 Weston Street,

London SE1 3RA


26th September 2020



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Miss Caribbean UK Beauty Pageant 

“Positively Promoting the Caribbean”