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Miss Caribbean UK are delighted and honoured that the following people have accepted our request to be a judge for the 2nd Annual "Miss Caribbean UK Beauty Pageant 2016." We truly appreciate their assistance and look forward to showcasing an outstanding pageant.

Shaun Wallace - The one of the Chasers on ITV’s quiz show THE CHASE

Shaun Wallace is known for being one of the Chasers on ITV’s quiz show THE CHASE where he has the nicknames The Dark Destroyer, The Barrister and The Legal Eagle.  He has been a Barrister since 1986 and has worked on some relatively high cases.  He is a senior criminal defence advocate and has worked with Operation Trident cases, manslaughter, series sexual offences, fraud, money laundering, firearms and drug trafficking.


He is also a part-time lecturer (and has lectured in environmental law, health and safety and road transport law and regulations.  He often visits schools, colleges and other institutions to educate students on the many aspects of law.


In 2004 he won Mastermind, with his specialist subject being FA Cup Finals and in 2012 was ranked 286th in the World Quizzing Championships.


Shaun is also a member of the south eastern circuit of the Criminal Bar Association. Owing to his heritage (he is of Jamaican heritage and was born on the 2nd June 1960) he has been a member of the Jamaican Bar since 1999.


•             BA (Hons), Barrister. Inns of Court School of Law.

•             Alumnus, Polytechnic of North London.

Politics - In 2005, Shaun stood as an independent parliamentary candidate, campaigning to be elected MP for the Brent South constituency.

Amy Harris-Willock  - Reigning Queen Miss Caribbean UK 2015

The multi-talented Antigua & Barbuda beauty, 28 year old Amy Harris-Willock, stole the show and won the hearts of the judges with her beauty, eloquence and cultural awareness, at the recent Miss Caribbean UK 2015 beauty pageant, held at the Shaw theatre London. 

Amy was selected from four finalists at the Birmingham heat of the pageant competition on 25 July 2015 and went on to join 15 other hopefuls from around the United Kingdom and was ultimately crowned Miss Caribbean UK 2015.

However, not only is Amy blessed with spiritual and aesthetic beauty, she is also athletically blessed. In 2014 after competing as a member of UK Athletics, she transferred her allegiance to Antigua and Barbuda in recognition of her heritage and is now a proud member of the Antigua and Barbuda’s national athletic team. Amy is currently the Antigua and Barbuda national record holder for the long jump and is hoping to make the qualifying distance to allow her to compete in the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Recently honoured with a B.Sc. in Economics & Business and a M.Sc. in Sports Science, her athletic background has taught her to work hard and appreciate the little things in life by sharing her experiences and giving back to her community.  She aspires to make a difference in schools, sports and most importantly, in life and wants those who look up to her to follow in her footsteps and aim higher.

Mike Lewis - aka Gladiator's "Saracen" The One & Only

Michael 'Saracen' Lewis works as a full-time fire fighter and is also known as Saracen the former Gladiator star in 90s.


At 19 years old, Saracen first got into bodybuilding. During breaks from work, Saracen started training, and after watching a bodybuilding show in 1986 his training went up even further. Saracen changed careers and started work in a gym in Covent Garden. His career changed again and he became a full-time fireman in South London.


Saracen and his girlfriend, Chrissie, both tried out for the Gladiators show in 1992, Chrissie becoming a first series contender and of course Saracen joining the team. They are now happily married.


Saracen is one tough Gladiator, not only is he the King of Hang Tough, with only one Contender ever reaching his platform, but he has also proved himself to be a force to be reckoned with on Duel and Powerball to name just a few. He is only one of four remaining Gladiators from the original line-up, and went from strength to strength each series.


Saracen was also part of the special UK international team that went to compete against South Africa in the Springbok Challenge 2000.


Saracen is also a real life super hero, he still works as a full-time fire fighter and manages to also appear as Saracen in his spare time. The fans know there's only one- Saracen!

Sandra Brown-Pinnock - Owner of Xsandy's Hair

Sandra Brown-Pinnock is a serial entrepreneur and owner of Xsandy’s - a premium hair extensions brand and two hair and beauty retail stores of the same name.  As the only African-Caribbean retailer in South East London, Sandra uses business as tool to empower and motivate others within the community to embrace entrepreneurship. 


Having previously worked in mental health for over 15 years, Sandra opened a social care organisation to facilitate the rehabilitation of mental health patients back into society. Whilst managing the homes (eleven in total), Sandra also worked alongside senior commissioners and placement officers, successfully assisting thousands of “difficult to place clients” towards complete independent living.


In 2008 Sandra set her eyes on the lucrative hair industry, and embarked on a new journey manufacturing a successful line of hair extensions. Motivated by the lack of product knowledge and customer service provided in hair stores, the former psychiatric nurse-turned business woman opened her first retail store in Lewisham last June.

On the first anniversary of the flagship store in Lewisham Shopping Centre, Xsandy’s opened its doors to customers in Peckham’s Rye Lane.

Driven by her vision to empower other Black-owned businesses within the market, Sandra stocks an expanding range of independent UK product lines including Mahogany Curls, Shea Decadence London, Afrocenchix and Shear and Shine (the UK's first black grooming range).

W. Livingston Gilcrist (LG) - Entrepreneur, Fashion Model, Host & Radio Presenter

Livingston Gilchrist (LG) began his career in the arts and media through an introduction to fashion modelling.  One job led to another and within a short space of time LG had moved from taking part in ‘peripheral shows’ to mainstream events in Central London venues. This led to being booked for even bigger events at London’s Royal Albert Hall and Fashion shows in Cologne/ Germany & Paris/ France.

Quickly realising there was more to the industry than just being adorned in designer clothes, LG moved swiftly to choreographing fashion shows and training models for runway collections and fashion shoots.

LG’s first business venture was established in the 80’s when he opened ‘Cosmopolitan Academy of Modelling’ – based in North London. This venture provided countless young hopefuls with the structure and guidance required to enter the modelling profession (I guess you could say it was the fore-runner of Britain’s Next Top Model and other such ‘modern’ ventures). Cosmopolitan Academy was featured in a BBC documentary on the Fashion-industry.

In recognition of his ability to ‘perform’ in front of the cameras, LG was asked to represent AFRO HAIR & BEAUTY SHOW live on Channel 5. This wasn’t LG’s first ‘stint’ on TV but it rekindled his interest. He has ‘guested’ on various TV programmes over recent years and actively seeks opportunities where he can develop more projects on the ‘small screen’.

Angie Greaves - Magic FM Radio Presenter

Angie Greaves, ‘Daytime’ and ‘Soul Town’ presenter on Magic, has one of the most soulful and distinctive female voices in UK radio today. Born in London and enjoying being ‘fabulous in her 50’s’, Angie grew up within a traditional Afro-Caribbean family setting. Even from a young age, she loved her soulful roots and she knew she had a ‘voice’ in the world – one that needed to be shared. And one that she continues to share today. 

Angie’s media career started off in 1982 at BBC Television Centre and by 1986 she moved to London’s Capital Radio where she was discovered by DJ, David ‘Kid’ Jensen.

In 1990, Angie was announced as the first DJ at the launch of Spectrum Radio and by 1992, joined Choice FM for five soulful years, where listener figures trebled on her Angie Greaves Breakfast Show. After this time, Angie joined The BBC, where she presented shows on BBC London, BBC Three Counties Radio and the Drive Time show on BBC 2002 in Manchester. The latter was an RSL station launched to air coverage on Wimbledon, The World Cup and The Commonwealth Games.

Whilst bringing up a young family, Angie freelanced across Jazz/Smooth FM, Radio Jackie and LBC 97.3FM until 2006. Angie started working with Magic in late 2006 and was the first woman to join the Magic presenter line-up. In addition to her extensive and prolific radio career, Angie has created her own Angie Greaves multi-platform brand including a well-established book club.

Aaron Fontaine, born and raised in Luton Town, first started his career as a co-host to Richard Blackwood on Choice FM at 18 years of age whilst gaining his first acting gig in Angie LeMar's Do You Know Where Your Daughter Is? Theatre play at Hackney Empire.


Since then the ball has been rolling.  He has acted as the police officer in the award winning soap Hollyoaks in addition to BBC show, Doctors and Sky Living's Venus vs Mars.  He has also acted in the award winning writer Bola Agbaje's 'Concrete Jungle' theatre play.


Aaron is also a writer and is 1 of 3 writers in the modern adaptation of an up and coming TV series of Angie Lemar's, The Brothers.


Aaron continues to make power moves with his inspiring Lifestyle brand 'Never Blending In', designed to encourage creative minds to trust in their passion. You can find out more about the 'Never Blending In' (NBI) movement on:


Aaron continues to make power moves as he progresses in his career.

Aaron Fontaine - Actor and writer.  Known for acting in Hollyoaks (1995)
Marcia McLaughlin - Founder and Managing Editor of The Phoenix newspaper

The Phoenix is a multimedia one stop shop with an exciting blend of local, national and international news free at your fingertips. 

Founder and Managing Editor, Marcia McLaughlin has been a pioneer in pushing good news for over 25 years and firmly believes that communication is key to the harmonious co-existence of our communities.


She enjoys supporting the public and aims to inspire a new generation of readers by providing a source of reference that delivers encouragement, hope, energy, passion and role models in order to promote self-belief and understanding of how to RISE like the Phoenix from the Ashes.





Trustee of The Carnival Village Trust



Donna Phillip-Forde





Maureen Smith



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