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Trishauna Stewart

27 Years 











IG: @tstewie__

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Trishauna is committed to comprehending, re-projecting, re-conceptualising, and investigating the histories and futurities of the Global South – working with a specialist focus on the Caribbean and Latin American region. As a researcher, she has made significant contributions to understandings of diaspora processes, sonic cultures, Caribbean history, and political independence. Currently, she is focused on developing new political frameworks which combine with/consider patterns of ecological injustice/justice. Through writings which re-imagine time/journey through voice, Trishauna has worked to uncover/share histories through new modes/methods of seeing; framing the ways in which language provides a repository for storing and accessing diasporic voices/visions. She is the author of a forthcoming narrative biography. For almost-a-decade, Trishauna has worked as an educator and mentor, and has also taught and delivered workshops to youth, community activists, researchers, and academics. Her dedication to educational justice has witnessed her self-design and direct independent systems of (re)education, fulfilling her duty to uplift Caribbean, African and Asian youth – locally, nationally, and internationally. Additionally, she has created online courses/youth research forums supporting educational charity. Furthering her experience in entrepreneurship and journalistic/academic writing, she has created a (soon-to-be launched) brand/online space dedicated to diaspora communities - RicoRiches. Trishauna works with an interdisciplinary and multi-dimensional approach to thinking through historical-political justice and activism, possessing a great determination to inspire.