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MCUK was established to inspire and celebrate the impact of Caribbean culture within the UK. Our aim is to celebrate the cultural vitality within the UK and our objective is to be the final showpiece for all the Caribbean beauty pageants to present their pageant winners. The pageant was created to inspire by example; those who feel disadvantaged and to empower them by showing them that, beauty is more than the outward appearance.

However, in order make the Pageant truly inclusive and fully representative of the United Kingdom, we propose to hold heats in key regions of the UK to make the pageant accessible to as many candidates as possible. We have identified; Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, Nottingham and London as ideal locations for the heats.

The Heats are open to all who fulfil the selection criteria.

5 finalists will be chosen from each heat to take part in the Grand finale of MISS CARIBBEAN UK 2015

Unlike many pageants, we have no swimwear round! However, we will have a carnival costume round which we feel is more in keeping with the MCUK ethos and eliminates any sexist connotations.

MCUK are not just looking for a pretty face, it’s just as much about your personality as it is about appearance.

The first heat will be in MANCHESTER on Saturday 11th July 2015 at Aura bar & Lounge, 31 Withy Grove, Manchester, M4 2BJ.

Click HERE to submit your application!

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