Contestants must strictly meet the requirements and abide by the rules below:

  1. Entrants shall be between 18 – 30 years old.  You must be 18 or over and not over 30 on the date of the finale.

  2. Entrants must be of Caribbean Parentage or have one parent or Grandparent who is.

  3. Entrants shall not be married or have been married at the time of applying.

  4. Entrants must be at least 5ft 2” in height.

  5. Entrants must be of good health and moral character.

  6. Entrants must be a naturally born female.

  7. Entrants must be a resident of the UK or be eligible to hold a valid UK passport.

  8. Entrants must voluntarily disclose prior to the date of this pageant any criminal record. 

  9. Entrants must not have anything in their background that could bring the contest or its sponsors into disrepute, ridicule or contempt.

  10. Entrants must not have taken part or appeared in any topless/nude photo shoots.

  11. Entrants must not falsify any information given on the entry form. Deliberately and knowingly falsifying information will lead to disqualification and loss of the registration fee.

  12. Entrants are to behave in a fit and proper manner at all times. Any entrant and/or family member or guest showing unacceptable behaviour will lead to the disqualification of the entrant. No refund will be given under these circumstances.

  13. Entrants will permit their name, voice recording and photographs to be used for publicity purposes in connection with all Miss Caribbean UK competitions and for all sponsor benefits without prior consent.

  14. Entrants must arrive at all scheduled appointments / rehearsals / training sessions on-time as requested.  Otherwise a fine of £30.00 will be applied or will forfeit their participation in the event of continual absenteeism.

  15. Entrants chosen to take part in the finals must give 6 weeks written notice if they are unable to attend the final.

  16. Entrants understand that Miss Caribbean UK reserves the right to change the dates, times and location of the finals.

  17. Entrants are advised that the decisions of the judges shall be final.

  18. Entrants understand and agree that if selected as the winner, all decisions concerning productions, promotion, photographs, programs, appearances and all the others aspects of the MISS CARIBBEAN BEAUTY Pageant(s), as well as throughout their reign, are solely at the discretion of the PAGEANT DIRECTORS.

  19. The crowned winners of the Miss Caribbean UK title* understand that for one year from the date of the final, her professional affairs concerning Miss Caribbean UK business, will be under the sole management of Miss Caribbean UK..

  20. The crowned winners of the Miss Caribbean UK title* will not give any written or verbal endorsements commercially without the expressed permission of Miss Caribbean UK 

  21. The crowned winners of the Miss Caribbean UK title* further acknowledges that all rights for any appearances, endorsements, modelling, promotions, speaking engagements, acting roles, etc. shall belong exclusively to Miss Caribbean UK if acting under the name of Miss caribbean UK.

  22. The crowned winners of the Miss Caribbean UK title* must be available for all personal appearances and modelling / promotional contracts offered by associate clients and agents over the next 12 months. All media enquiries made directly to the winner’s must be forwarded to

  23. All prizes won by the crowned winners of the Miss Caribbean UK title* are strictly non-exchangeable. The competition organisers reserve the right to amend and replace competition prizes without prior notice with a prize of similar value.

  24. The crowned winners of the Miss Caribbean UK title* must attend next year’s final to hand over the title to the new winner.

  25. The crowned winners of the Miss Caribbean UK title* are not permitted to enter any other competitions until the end of their reign.

  26. Miss Caribbean UK or any of its employees shall not be held liable for any mishaps, accidents, injuries or loss of property that may arise during the competition.

  27. Miss Caribbean UK reserve the right to update or amend these terms at any time and your continued use of this site shall be deemed to be your acceptance of such change. It is therefore your responsibility to check the Terms and Conditions.

  28. Please note Miss Caribbean UK Beauty Pageant is NOT a model agency

1st February 2015

Miss Caribbean UK Beauty Pageant 

“Positively Promoting the Caribbean”