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Finalist No 10

Nichaela Farrell








Sickle Cell Society

IG: @opticsniks

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Nichaela Farrell is an Arts University Bournemouth 2020 graduate. She graduated with a BA(Hons) Acting degree, wherein she honed and developed her skills in performance-based arts practices. She is now an emerging theatre-maker, actor and spoken word performer. With these skills, she has also branched out into a role of a performance practitioner by facilitating workshops for children and young adults in both theatrical and educational settings. Additionally, she recently debuted the first full performance of her own self-written play, within a theatre company she developed with her two university peers - Guski Gang Productions. The play ‘That’s Your Friend’ is centred around topics such as the university experience for Black girls in rural areas, and how micro aggressions may be present in these experiences, in less culturally diverse areas. Nichaela’s skillset is extremely varied and includes connecting with people through community outreach programmes; storytelling that amplifies and encapsulates the authentic human experience; and uplifting voices of marginalised demographics. As a creative individual, Nichaela’s hobbies and interests also lie in areas of the fashion industry. She grew up with a seamstress mother, and first pursued fashion design in her GCSE studies. She then went on to pursue this further by actively engaging in modelling projects for editorial makeup shoots and heritage inspired fashion shows. Some of her photographs have been displayed in art galleries across the UK. Nichaela is an extremely ambitious individual and aspires to fulfil her purpose in this world as an advocate for human connection and care. She plans on growing her career in the performance industry and using her platform as a performer to bring awareness to the authentic Black cultural experience. She also hopes to be impactful in her influence in this world, and help support the Sickle Cell Society UK charity, as the disease particularly affects a huge percentage of the Afro-Caribbean community.

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MCUK 2023 Photoshoot

Sunday 2nd July 2023


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