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Finalist No 9

Moeshia Findley





Mental Health Support Worker



African Caribbean Community Initiative


IG: @moebeauts

Moeshia Findley.png

Moeshia Findley is an incredible and inspiring individual! Her passion-driven nature and commitment to being the best version of herself are commendable traits. It's evident that she has a genuine desire to help others, as seen in her role as a Mental Health Support Worker, where she assists people in finding value in their lives. With her background in Event Management and her creative production company, 9020, Moeshia demonstrates her entrepreneurial spirit and ability to organize and manage events effectively. Additionally, her work as an artist manager for Clavis 7even showcases her skills in supporting and promoting talent. Her desire to raise awareness about mental health, particularly within the black community, is a crucial initiative. Mental health is an essential aspect of overall well-being, and it's admirable that she wants to break down stigmas and promote positive discussions around this topic. As a finalist for Miss Caribbean UK 2023, Moeshia has a wonderful platform to amplify her message and inspire others. Her representing Jamaica and its rich culture for Miss Caribbean UK, is a source of pride, and her commitment to personal growth during her pageantry journey is commendable. Her diverse talents, strong sense of purpose, and dedication to making a positive impact make her a role model for others. It's great to see individuals like her making a difference in their communities and striving to be a positive force in the world.

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MCUK 2023 Photoshoot

Sunday 2nd July 2023


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