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Kiyaan Jackson-Wade

20 Years 



St. Vincent and the Grenadines



STUDENT - Studying Business Marketing



Alzheimer's disease


IG: @prettykayx

Kiyaan Jackson-Wade.png

Kiyaan is a 20 year old, aspiring entrepreneur and Marketing/advertising executive, with a classically trained background in dance (Ballet, Tap, Lyrical). Her career goals are to one day own her own advertising firm, but for now she is happy running her small business consultancy, where she helps other business with Marketing and Ad concepts. Kiyaan shows that she has real passion for helping people achieve their goals and enter spaces they never believed they would in. Alongside this, she is on the board of two charity foundations, one of which she founded herself, a campaign that forges links between generations around Alzheimer’s. She has a keen interest in helping and engaging with the elderly as she believes there's so much to learn from them.