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Finalist No: 10  -  Tasharn Sanganoo  -  21 Years 

Representing: St. Lucia

Occupation: studying - Drama and theatre arts 

Charity: Refuge Charity  


Tasharn has entered Miss Caribbean UK because she loves being on stage and it is a way boost her confidence. She has recently graduated with a BA in drama and theatre, she’s also a DJ, being in front of an audience is something she is used to.


Her chosen platform is domestic violence, this is something that is very important to her as two close people have gone through this. She aspire to help others experiencing domestic violence to come out of the situation and have someone to talk to. During her time as a finalist she has been spreading awareness on her platform and raising money by organising both a bake sale and a 50,000 step challenge.


As your Miss Caribbean UK 2020, she would continue to spread awareness, inspire all young women to be the best she can be and be a great role model all. As well as that, as she is a black belt, using the skills she has learnt, she will teach women self-defence to help defend themselves from their abuser.

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