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Miss Caribbean UK 2022 - Samara Telesford

Miss Samara Telesford
Representing: Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

And the winner of Miss Caribbean UK 2022 is…….

Miss Samara Telesford

25 Years

Representing Saint Vincent and The Grenadines


Miss Caribbean UK 2022
The Results

Miss Caribbean UK 2022, according to all who attended, was absolutely fabulous!  A quote from an audience member at this year’s show: “A beautiful, enjoyable, and absolutely amazing evening spent with some beautiful people”. 


This year the show was held at the Shaw Theatre on Euston Road, London and as with previous years, was very well attended, with a diverse audience from across the UK including the Jamaican Acting High Commissioner; Mrs. Patrice Laird Grant and the legendary former West Indies cricketer Sir Clive Lloyd who enjoyed a fantastic night of Caribbean culture and entertainment.


The show was opened with MCUK’s customary and spectacular ‘Carnival Round’, which showcases the energy, vibrancy, music and colour and plays homage to our Caribbean heritage.

MCUK 2022 Carnival Round.jpg

We would like to thank all our Finalists for participating in the 8th Miss Caribbean UK. 


Special congratulations to: 

1st Runner-Up: -

Odavia Moffat – Representing Jamaica


2nd Runner-Up:

Sarafina Mitchell – Representing Cayman Islands



Category winners:

Best Evening Dress:

Samara Telesford      


People’s Choice:

Samara Telesford


Miss Personality:

Gregiana Augustin & Samara Telesford

Best Charity Fundraiser:

Trishauna Stewart

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