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Finalist No: 7  -  Renèe Spence-Cork   -  19 Years 

Representing: Jamaica

Occupation: Citizens Advice Trainee adviser  

Charity: Common unity specialist in suicide prevention based in Birmingham


Renèe is a born leader and has natural bounce back ability, she is an accomplished sportswoman who now coaches and manages a local basketball team.


Renee loves to sing dance and simply have fun despite living with depression, anxiety and a facial pain illness.  These illnesses have meant that Renèe often cannot take part in the usual teenage activities as she needs to spend days in bed.


Despite her struggles Renèe is a co-author in a bestselling book about confidence and has presented a music and talk show on radio.  Renèe has also been a public speaker about young people and mental health. Her personality is bubbly, funny and she radiates warmth. 


She entered this pageant to value her promise to her late sister “to make the best out of her life” by taking and making the best out of every opportunity this has helped to lift her out of depression and to rebuild herself confidence. She has rediscovered her strength and determination.


With the title of Miss Caribbean UK 2020, I will use the platform to create and build awareness for mental health and suicide prevention by sharing my story, setting up support groups and encouraging others to speak out too. I want to raise funds to help people to complete suicide prevention training which cost £300 per person. I want to give hope to other sufferers of invisible illnesses to let them know that they can and will bounce back.

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