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Finalist No 1

Samara Telesford


St. Vincent and the Grenadines



STUDENT - Dental hygiene



KD Crosdale Foundation


IG: @its_samz_official

Samara Telesford.png

Samara is a passionate, motivated and ambitious young lady, who always strives to be the best version of herself. She feels a sense of accomplishment through striving to achieve and break down barriers, representing black women in the UK especially, within the education and professional professions. Samara is a Dental Hygiene student at the University of Portsmouth and a GDC registered Dental nurse, which allows her to enjoy one of her favourite past times of meeting new people from diverse communities and walks of life! In her spare time, she loves to play netball, cook and try new things. As an Miss Caribbean UK grand finalist, she really wants to push her campaign called “A Black Girls Tale”, which is a platform to advocate a safe place for black women to share and express their feelings and pass experiences they may have faced within the educational system or place of work, which was not a pleasant experience, in just of demonstrated micro aggressions. They will have a place to share what they learnt from the experience and how they overcame that situation. Samara is very humbled and excited about being a Miss Caribbean UK 2022 finalist and cannot wait to get out in her community, fundraise for charity, be a role model to young girls and women across the globe, but most of all, show the world that Vincy is likkle but TALLAWAH!


MCUK 2022 Photoshoot

Sunday 2nd July 2023


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